Injection Lipolysis

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Lipolysis procedure involves a series of injections into the fat layers and connective tissue. with the goal of melting away localized areas of target body fat. It is also a good method to correct slight unevenness after liposuction. Even before liposuction, to pre-treat known problem areas around the inner thighs.

The procedure itself is painless and without anesthesia. It breaks down fat cells that are then extracted by the body by natural waste disposal. Phosphatidylcholine / Deoxycholate (PC / DC) injections include. Multivitamins, lipid-alpha acid, enzymes, and extracts from plants.

Given daily exercise and diet, a lot of people suffer from small fat pads. The chin (double chin), armpits, shoulders. Upper thighs (saddlebags) are also found below them. The most cosmetically effective way to get rid of these pads is lipolysis injection. Which we also use on the back, chest, and knee areas for corrections.


Carboxytherapy fragilizes fat cells with pressure traumatism causes the blood vessels to dilate. In the area where the gas is injected, gives a better oxygenation of skin layers and helps release fluid. The end result is fewer fat cells and skin tightening.

The combination of treatments destroys fat cells, which are then removed via normal waste disposal. Benefits are seen within three weeks of the treatment. While several treatments (4-6 weeks apart) are usually required to achieve best results. There is no downtime after the lipodissolve.

Patient reactions to the drug and the amount of fat being treated. The number of sessions required varies from one person to another. Weak, resistant fat is more treatable than fibrous fat. You will be told during the consultation about how many sessions you will need to reach the desired result. Effects after the 2-3 treatments can be expected.

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