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Dr tarek bayazid is the top plastic surgeon who provide the Best face lift surgery in Dubai.

Facelift (Rhytidectomy) is a true wonder maker and probably the most famous of all plastic surgery procedures, because it is able to reverse the harmful effects of aging, stress, and exposure to the elements.

This surgical procedure improves visible signs of aging on the face and the neck. It removes excess pockets of fat and skin that can contribute to an aged, tirappearance and it lifts and tightens the underlying muscles of the face. This way it rejuvenates the facial structure, making it aesthetically pleasing.

The procedure itself takes around two to three hours, and it involves small incisions behind the hairline, and under the chin.

Facelift is usually combined with one or two procedures such as eyelid surgery, cheek augmentation, forehead lift, nose refinement, ear reshaping, or laser skin-resurfacing. It is virtually pain-free and it has quick recovery rate. Most patients are back to their everyday activities within two weeks of the procedure.

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