Otoplasty Surgery

For Her, For Him
About this Procedure


Otoplasty a.k.a. Ear Reshaping or Ear pinning. It is a popular cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of a person’s ears. It can improve the shape, position, and proportion of the ear.
Ear surgery provides a natural shape. At the same time adding symmetry and proportion to the ears and nose. Resolving only mild deformities may provide significant benefits to beauty and self-esteem.
 When you or your child are in pain with protruding or disfigured hands, you can need cosmetic surgery.


Children particular become hyper-sensitive to what they may see as a serious deformity. Children with protruding ears to ridicule and intimidation. Studies have shown that as a result of this behaviour. Children will experience low self-esteem, social problems and even low academic success. Sometimes the issues start before a child begins kindergarten. Parents may find otoplasty on the first day. They are often subjected to teasing or bullying that can affect their self-esteem. Otoplasty can help children avoid such situations. This procedure is among the very few plastic surgeries perform on young children age 5 above.


Although the procedure is identical to the one performed on children. It may differ with each patient’s condition or demand.
Otoplasty is a pain-free procedure. Otoplasty treats large ears (Macrotia). Protruding ears occurring on one or both sides of the ear. Even adult dissatisfaction with previous ear surgery.
Adults can also enjoy this procedure which boosts self-esteem.
Adults prefer this treatment in combination with other surgical operations on artificial facials.
Not only can ears “pull back” but even ears may reshape, can in size or rendered more symmetrical.
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