The Life Cycle of Breast Augmentation Procedure and the Safest Methods Present Today

The breast augmentation process for female candidates

The Life Cycle of Breast Augmentation Procedure and the Safest Methods Present Today

Augmentation Mammoplasty, commonly known as breast augmentation, is a self-explanatory term that literally means increasing the breast’s size. 

Our breast implant clinic in Jumeirah uses breast implants and fat-tissue grafting for helping our patients achieve the size they desire. Often our patients have witnessed an alter in shape, size, and texture right after the surgery. Through this cosmetic surgery, we aim to help our patients achieve self-confidence and feel good about how they look.

Why have women chosen breast augmentation for centuries?

Over the years the evolution of medical science has allowed us to achieve new and advanced technologies for breast augmentation. Now the implants can last as long as 7 to 10 years without you having to worry about sagging breasts. 

Regardless of the reason for opting for the surgery, women have always been pleased with the outcome. This confidence might have been missing, but now it is possible to look good with safer procedures. 

Wondering why women undergo breast augmentation in Dubai

To describe size, and illness of breasts for choosing breast augmentation.

Examining before breast augmentation

Let us find out some of the most common reasons-

  • Weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, might alter the natural size of the breast. The results have left some women worried who have opted for this procedure to regain their natural size. 
  • Women who have small breasts feel uncomfortable and inferior. The nature of this procedure is the best cure for both their minds and bodies by increasing their breast size giving them an attractive appearance. 
  • The treatment of breast cancer involves reconstruction surgery for patients.
  • Women can achieve symmetry for asymmetrical breasts with this process.

To further understand breast augmentation we need to explore different kinds of breast implants used in this procedure.

Breast implants- Meaning and Type

Breast implants are medically approved prostheses that are operated in your breast that offer natural breasts with increased size.  

The different categories of breasts implants in Dubai are-

Silicone Breast Implants

This implant was invented by two American plastic surgeons, Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin in 1961. First, the prosthesis was manufactured by Dow Corning Corporation. In a silicone-based shell, silicone gel is filled which is then implanted in the patient’s chest for making the breast appear bigger. 

If this implant leaks the gel doesn’t leave the shell or is collected in the breast implant pockets. But, the implants don’t collapse completely. However, women who undergo such surgery are recommended to schedule regular check-ups. FDA approves this procedure and women above 22 can have this surgery.  

Saline Breast Implants

As the name suggests the implants are filled with sterile saline solution. In case the implant breaks or leaks the saline will be absorbed by the body naturally. This is an FDA-approved method and certified for women above 18 years of age.

To display the breast implants in breast augmentation process

Breast implants placed under the breasts

Structured Breast Implants 

This is one of the advanced implants that got FDA’s recognition in 2014. The notable attribute of this procedure is that both silicone and saline are used here. The outer shell is made of silicone that is filled with saline solution, therefore there will be no leakage.

Alternative Composite Breast Implants

One of the unique types of breast implants that are filled with soy oil or polypropylene string.

Textured Breast Implants

These implants are firm and sit still in their position as the scar tissue is stuck to the implant. These implants have a minimum risk of light scar capsules. Due to its nature, this process can become a long-term solution for women.

Advancements have taken breast augmentation through an array of changes due to newfound technology and medical remedies. The evolution of modern ideas has helped to tailor traditional methods into some new and safe techniques. Many women have sought breast implants in Dubai, now more than ever.

Breast augmentation’s history includes some interesting twists and turns. Some of the first few methods involved transferring fat from the body to the breast for enlargement. But, let’s be happy as we have come centuries from that time and the modern solutions are both safe and given impressive results. Even better, women have the choice of surgery after consulting experts. 

What is a patient’s expectation from breast augmentation?

Adding implants in your body for breast augmentation can be difficult if you do not seek an expert’s help.

Here are a few things you should know-

  • As a patient, you will be given the option to choose, by placing the different implants inside your bra and finding the one that best suits you. 
  • You will be given general anesthesia to not feel the surgery or see any of it. However, in few cases, the patient is awake even after pushing local anesthesia.
  • You should also discuss incisions for the process. A Trans axillary incision is performed in the armpit, an inframammary incision is performed in the creases under the breast, and a periareolar incision is performed around the areola or nipple. There are many things to keep in mind before you make this decision. 
    To show the choice of breast implants in breast augmentation

    Choosing mammary prosthesis for breast augmentation

  • Different options are also available for closing the incision such as surgical tapes, skin adhesives, and layered stitches. The incision lines can be seen post-surgery some a few days until finally fading away.
  • Multiple factors are responsible for recovery. Dissolving stitches disappear in about 6 weeks. But, the patient should have a follow-up with the doctor for understanding the dos and don’ts. If you are experiencing pain, swelling, or fever after the surgery, it might be an infection, so do not miss your appointments.

Saline and Silicone are the most popular methods today, many people have undergone breast augmentation in Dubai and many are in the line.

Dr. Tarek Aesthetics is one of the best breast implant clinic in Dubai. The surgeons here have years of experience and have many successful surgeries. We share complications and risks of the surgery with our patients so they understand the procedure better. We believe complete transparency allows candidates to take unbiased and the right decision for their bodies. Getting bigger breasts is a life-changing decision, and our clinic respects and supports women to achieve what they want.



For many years different methods and techniques have coexisted for breast augmentation in Dubai. If you want to take advantage of modern techniques, consult an expert to understand the procedure thoroughly. If you have any doubts or queries you can call us now for more details, we will be more than happy to help you.