Short Scar Vertical Mastopexy, with Fat Equalization

Short Scar Vertical Mastopexy, with Fat Equalization

One of my favorite methods popularized by two of my personal favorite Surgeons Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay and Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. is the short scar vertical mastopexy with or without implant augmentation.

The sort scar “ lollipop” scar is not the only thing that separates this breast lift from others.

The truth is that it has an adjacent procedure that makes it superior to others in my opinion.

And that additional thing is leveling the sub-dermal fat by equalizing with a special kind of cannula of performing liposuction in a special way.

But, like every surgery!! It has its pros and cones.


Yes, it is a short scar. Some women prefer short lollipop scars over at big ugly inverted T scar.

Other technical pros are not the aim of this topic.


The equalization Popularized by Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. or the liposuction equalization popularized by Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, have recovery time and additional bruising and puckering of the skin of the lower pole (that will be resolved in time)

I will post some of the pictures that are important in order to understand the general idea.

You can see the recovery period after a day, a week, and a month.

The recovery period is an individual thing, but usually, it takes 10 days for the swelling and bruising to come down.

The final beautiful breast shape is after a few months.

Markings are usually done before the surgery.



First post-operational day The bruising and puckering of the lower pole.


3rd week, bruising and puckering is less.


One month after surgery. Bruising is gone, still some swelling. The final result will be after a few months.